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The abstract should be presented as a creative independent research work. The presentation of the material is not limited with a descriptive approach to the disclosure of the selected topic – it should reflect the author’s analytical evaluation of the problem in question.

It should consist of:

  • a title page;
  • a work plan or content with the pages of each section / part;
  • an introduction (justification of the choice of the topic, relevance, goals and objectives of the study);
  • a textual presentation of the material with the necessary references to the sources used by the author, a presentation of his own view of the problem and the ways to solve it etc;
  • a list of references including all sources referenced in the abstract, as well as those developed in the course of studying the assigned tasks. In total it is necessary to specify not less than 40 sources, including foreign, mainly over the past 10 years. Information on sources should be placed in the form of links in the text, numbered in Arabic numerals without a dot and printed with a paragraph indentation. References in the text are given in square brackets. An example: [5], [7, 8, 9], [8-13, 44-56]. References to sources, including electronic, are required.
  • applications (tables, diagrams, graphs, drawings, diagrams). Applications should be arranged sequentially, according to the headings that reflect their content. The application is an optional part of the essay.

The scope of the work is up to 20-22 pages (A4) of printed text (font Times New Roman, sized 14, in 1.5 interval; margins: upper and lower – 2 cm, left – 2.5 cm, right – 1.5 cm).

Pages should be numbered in Arabic numerals, observing the end-to-end numbering throughout the text. The page numbers are placed in the center of the bottom of the sheet without a dot. The title page is also included in the number of all works, but to enforce an attractive appearance, it is not signed.

The total amount of applications is not limited, but they don’t count with the total amount of the work.

The abstract must be submitted to the competition electronically.

Works that do not meet the requirements or which are downloaded from the Internet are not accepted.

Criteria for evaluation

NOVELTY: relevance; novelty in the presentation of the material; the presence of the author’s position, the independence of judgments.

DISCLOSURE OF THE TOPIC: correspondence of the plan with the theme of the abstract; the content of the topic and the abstract plan; complete and deep disclosure of the basic concepts of the problem; the ability to work with literature, systematize and structure the material; The ability to generalize, to compare different points of view on the issue under consideration, to substantiate the main points and conclusions.

SELECTION OF SOURCES: topical sources (at least 40), including foreign, mainly over the past 10 years; complete coverage of available literature sources on the issue.

FOLLOWING REQUIREMENTS TO THE DESIGN: : correct registration of references to the sources; literacy and culture of presentation; possession of the terminology and conceptual set of the problem; compliance with the requirements for the volume; culture of design: the selection of paragraphs.

LITERACY: absence of spelling and syntax errors; the absence of typos, the correct use of word abbreviations; style of presentation.