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The research work of the student should demonstrate the level of his theoretical training; the ability to comprehend the problem critically, to use the existing methods of collecting and processing information creatively and independently, find and justify independently new original solutions that have practical significance.

Themes of the researches:

  1. Pharmaceutical quality system;
  2. Good engineering practice (GEP);
  3. Technologies:
    • technology of sterile production
    • technology for the production of biological medicinal products for humans
    • technology for the production of radiopharmaceuticals
    • technology for the production of medicinal products for veterinary medicine, except for immunological medicines
    • technology for the production of immunological medicines
    • technology for the production of medical gases
    • technology for the production of medicinal products from raw plant materials
    • technology for the production of liquids, creams and ointments
    • technology for the production of hermetic metered aerosols for inhalation
    • technology for the production of medicines derived from human blood or human plasma
  4. Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) in the GMP environment;
  5. Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP);
  6. Good Regulatory Practice (GRP);
  7. Good Distribution Practice (GDP);
  8. Proper pharmasy Practice (GPhP).

The scope of work is up to 50 pages (A4) of printed text (font Times New Roman, sized 14, in 1.5 interval; margins: upper and lower – 2 cm, left – 2.5 cm, right – 1.5 cm).

Pages should be numbered in Arabic numerals, observing the end-to-end numbering throughout the text. The page numbers are placed in the center of the bottom of the sheet without a dot. The title page is also included in the number of all works, but to enforce an attractive appearance, it is not signed.

The total amount of applications is not limited, but they don’t count with the total amount of the work.

The research must be submitted to the competition electronically.

Researches that do not meet the requirements or which are downloaded from the Internet are not accepted.

Criteria for evaluation

NOVELTY: the relevance of research (the place of research between similar problems); novelty in the presentation of the material; the presence of the author’s position, the independence of judgments.

COMPLETENESS OF DISCLOSURE OF PROBLEMS OF THE RESEARCH: a clear assessment of the state of the problem under investigation; correctly and clearly formulated goals and objectives of the study; an analysis of the existing methods of solving the problem with an indication of their positive and negative points.

QUALITY OF THE EXPERIMENT AND THE MEANING OF THE RESULTS: description of the developed models, methods and approaches of solving the posed problems, reflection methods and means for solving the tasks; fully described stages of the experiment; conclusions on the analytical, numerical or experimental results of the work performed clearly correlate with the aims and objectives of the research; availability of recommendations for the practical implementation of the results obtained, possible applications; availability of published scientific articles (reviews), thesises, speeches with a report at scientific and practical seminars and conferences.

SELECTION OF SOURCES: topical sources (at least 40), including foreign, mainly over the past 10 years; complete coverage of available literature sources on the issue.

FOLLOWING REQUIREMENTS TO THE DESIGN: correct registration of references to the sources; literacy and culture of presentation; possession of the terminology and conceptual set of the problem; compliance with the requirements for the volume; culture of design: the selection of paragraphs.