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About the summit

About GxP – summit

Russian international interuniversity GxP-summit «CHOICE OF THE BEST. TIME FORWARD» will be the most important step in creating a talent pool of outstanding young people who have chosen their professional path in the pharmaceutical industry.

The summit mission

The mission of the summit is the identification and targeted support of talented young representatives of the pharmaceutical industry.


This event is organized by the “Guiding Star” Charitable Foundation with the support of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and the Federal Budgetary Institution” The State Institute of Medicines and Good Practices” (the FBI «SIM & GxP»).

Participant profile

The participants of the event are undergraduate, graduate and PG students of the leading specialized medical universities from Russia and other member-countries of the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU), as well as senior students of specialized secondary education institutions. Each educational institution can provide undergraduate students (and 1 PG student), as well as 1 (one) accompanying (university / college staff) for the whole group.

Participation process

In order to participate in the summit, students and graduate students must apply for a contest which consists of several stages – submitting of applications for participation, assignment of the research abstracts (presentation) and finally evaluation of the works by an expert commission.

The deadline for submitting applications is 8 June, and for assignment of the researches 8 June. Those students whose work will be submitted by the members of the expert jury will be invited to come.

Important information: In order to maintain confidentiality and create conditions for an impartial evaluation of results by the members of the expert commission, the contest organizer encrypt the names of the universities where the participants are studying. All of them will get “code names” (for example, names of chemical elements).

In addition, the guests of the summit are industry experts, representatives of science and business, government agencies. They can communicate with students, answer their questions and talk about the activities of their departments, institutions and companies. To participate in the event as our partner, you must fill out a registration form that is displayed on the website after May 15.

About the program

The most important part of the event is the summit competition. The summit participants – students and graduate students – will have to carry out a number of specially designed assignments. As a result of their work, each of them receives points that are summed up with the points received for the contest work (research) written before the summit.

In addition, the participants and guests of the summit have the opportunity for networking: representatives of companies and various structures will tell students about their work, and students can ask them a wide variety of questions, the answers to which will help them define their career path.