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  • PharmProbeg
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Package «General»

Package «general» will provide you:

  1. The right to the Partner’s representative to address at the opening of the 1st Russian interuniversity GxP-summit with international participation “Choice of the best. Time forward”.
  2. Non-cost invitation of 3 (three) representatives of the Partner’s company to the GxP-summit.
  3. Placement of the logo on the printed materials of the GxP-summit (invitations, programmes, handouts).
  4. Placement of the logo on the slide-saver of the GxP-summit.
  5. Placement of the logo on the site of the GxP-summit.
  6. Positioning of the Partner’s company on the site of the GxP-summit.
  7. Placement of the Partner’s mobile stand in the hall.
  8. Placement of an advertising layout on the 4th side (back cover) of the printed programme of the GxP-summit.
  9. Showing of an advertising video of the Partner’s company during the break (on the first day of the GxP-summit).
  10. Distribution of the Partner’s promotional materials at the GxP-summit.
  11. Placement of references to the Partner’s company in the final releases about the GxP-summit.
  12. Provision of the results of the GxP-summit via photo materials on electronic media.